Moving to the Dark Side

Leaving the Pipette for a Keyboard.

About me

I have a background in experimental (neuro)-biology but I am now a Bioinformatics Data Analyst with seven years of experience in the analysis and integration of multiple types of next generation sequencing (NGS) data, including long-reads. I get a kick out of data visualization and creating plots to communicate results.

Even though it has been a while since I last donned a bench coat, My previous experience in bench work is quite useful when communicating data analysis and results with collaborators - and understanding their requests. I very much see my job as translating collaborators’ research goals into testable hypothesis, and ultimately interesting and novel findings. I even help with experimental design quite often (as it should be).

My research focus has been on RNA biology and regulation of gene expression, but I have a curious mind and crave challenges.

And here is my CV

How I came to data analysis

I used to do a lot of pipetting. Like 96-well plate PCR ‘a lot’. Early during my postdoc, I decided that I wanted to have control over analysis of the data generated by high-throughput experiments. Mistakes happen and will always happen, but I would rather be able to detect and fix them myself. So I started learning scripting, and suddenly the time spent on the computer analyzing data became longer and, despite all the library compiling frustrations, more enjoyable.

The pipette lost. Long live the keyboard.

Why this site?

This blog is a collection of tips, hints, and ramblings that detail my journeyy from qPCR and cell culture to R scripting and bedtools - sometimes a combination of both. A journey to the dark side from the perspective of a bench biologist. It is intended primarily as personal notes for future reference.


I like eating, cooking and sharing recipes so I created a food blog: Food For the People. Most of them are paleo and low-carb inspired, but there is also a lot of traditional portuguese cooking. Have a look.

Contact me

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