Moving to the Dark Side

Leaving the Pipette for a Keyboard.

Nerd up your R

I probably spend most of my working day in an R terminal, or at least I start R often enough. Now I saw in a blog I follow a way to entertain and instruct in equal measure everytime that little statistical box is opened: fortunes. This is a very simple package that collected and now shows citations related to R (and statistics in R). Some examples (and as of v1.5.2 there are 360 citations to choose from):

Release 1.0.0
Wow! Thank you! […] If I am allowed to ask just one question today: How do
you fit 48 hours of coding in an ordinary day? Any hints will be appreciated
… :-)
– Detlef Steuer (on 2000-02-29)
R-help (February 2000)


Perhaps one is the real forge and the other is a forgery? Or a forge-R-y? I’ll
get my coat…
– Barry Rowlingson (on the question whether or is the official forge server)
R-help (April 2007)


I have the following lines it in my ~.Rprofile (think of .bashrc but for R):


This ensures each time I start R I am greeted by a nice little message to brighten my day:

my R start screen

How to install

I had some problems installing from cran, so went with install_url function of devtools which makes the process of installing from source easier when one does not need to download (and keep a copy of) a package source:

install_url("\_1.5-2.tar.gz") #remember to use the link for the latest package version  

And it is done!